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About Marc Hanscombe

Marc Hanscombe began working for educational and training companies in 1992. His duties included marketing, course design, training of staff and clients.

He completed his Practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 1995 with The Cutting Edge Consultancy and his Masters with Armand Kruger, Johannesburg, South Africa in 1996.

In 1996 he started his own training company which focuses on knowledge application and achievement. He has worked with several schools and thousands of parents, and has also helped non achievers excel. In 2000 he opened a home-schooling support system where he helped home-scholars achieve.

Marc appeared on Good Morning South Africa in 1997 where he addressed issues round spelling and dyslexia. He has also appeared in several newspaper articles regarding a mathematical dictionary that he created.

He has also helped many university and college students master their studies. Adults who have needed to improve their memory and reading speeds have benefited hugely by his sensory strategies and information processing style.